About Us

Recognizing the uniqueness of each challenge, Circon has adopted a “hands-on” approach to servicing each requirement.

Quality Comes First

With our “one team, one vision” approach to construction, Circon replaces potentially adversarial relationships with a genuine partnership, where all parties are focused on quality, budget, and schedule. Circon’s approach is to provide integrated and seamless transitions from planning to design; from design to construction; and construction to ongoing operations.

Circon has the experience in delivering projects using a variety of contractual arrangements and methodologies. Developing creative solutions to complex problems has lead to a successful and enviable track record.

The Circon Construction Process

Every successful construction project requires some basic fundamentals to ensure that the high performance facility envisioned by the client is realized. Circon has developed some basic principles and best practices to ensure that this vision is realized. Our commitment to enforcing these simple business strategies is evidenced by our ‘repeat’ client base.

We strive to:

  • Maintain a close working relationship with the client’s staff.
  • Monitor and control the project, from the inception of Circon’s involvement through to execution and completion, in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Monitor, maintain, and control the project budget from beginning to end.
  • Monitor and control the project schedule, and deliver the project on time.
  • Maintain communication with the client and all other stakeholders.
  • Provide leadership to promote the maximum productivity of all parties.

A Client Centred Culture

Circon is managed and operated as a disciplined and professional construction group, which considers the long term for both its clients and its own success. With a geographic focus in Southern Ontario, the Circon team has a thorough understanding of the local market and political environment. Maintaining strong ties with the local contracting and consulting community has enabled Circon to solicit the most compatible and effective team for any particular assignment.